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Accounting Today

Accounting Today is an indispensible guide for the tax and accounting community. As any good accountant knows, a key factor of the field is staying informed and updated with consistent, reliable news. With news coverage from both small and large practitioners, regulatory agencies and vendors, Accounting Today is your tool to doing just that. The magazine keeps you abreast of all of the latest mergers and acquisitions as well as updates in tax laws and legislative changes. Each issue features articles on client services, technology and financial planning. Essential growth strategies, lists of staff promotions and appointments and a calendar of events complete Accounting Today's informative package.

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The Spirit of Accounting - By Mark


I look forward to receiving each issue of Accounting Today because I so much enjoy Miller and Bahnson's column, "The Spirit of Accounting." I am an accounting professor and use these columns to show my students that GAAP isn't all set in stone forever. Their critiques of GAAP are most enlightening.