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Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Offering a bone-chilling mix of suspense, mystery, and entertainment, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine is the ideal publication for fans of mystery fiction. Each issue provides you with at least seven new mystery short stories along with a classic mystery tale from the past. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine is a compilation of a satisfying range of intriguing stories brought to you by top mystery writers. Whether you enjoy noirs or cozies, this magazine has something for you. Stories are written by both established writers and newcomers and come in a variety of forms, from contemporary to historical. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine is a trustworthy literary source, as issues feature a special book review column encouraging you to stay updated on all of the genreā€™s latest and best offerings. With exclusive in-depth interviews and personal articles, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine is your tool to keeping up with your favorite mystery authors and discovering the works of writers you otherwise would have never known.

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