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American Rider

Whether you're a motor cycle enthusiast or just thinking about buying a motorcycle, American Rider provides useful street and tour biking information that you can't get anyplace else. American Rider is Harley Davidson riding at its best! So gear up and get ready to read for the ride of your life!

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3 wheel motorcycles - By championn2211


I was saddened by your magazine not having anything about the new HD 3 wheel motorcycle. I am thinking about trading in my 2 wheel sportster and getting one of the three wheeler from HD. I would like some feedback about it before I buy one. If I ask the HD salesman or any salesman for that fact all I get is lies or just what I want to hear. They probably know less about it than me. I am getting up in years and disabled so the three wheeler will still get me out and about safely. I like your magazine and will renew it soon. Thanks Champion2211