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Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

Travel to the exotic reaches of New Zealand or the islands of Hawaii - and do so at a tremendous discount. This is where your handy Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel guide comes in. In this invaluable magazine, you'll find travel opportunities that most people never hear about, and you'll save hundreds of dollars whenever you travel and wherever you go. Every issue contains helpful articles about practical bargain vacations and the best resort bargains for the budget traveler.

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Montan, Mexico or the moon! - By Hot to trot!


A friend just loaned me her Budget Travel magazine (April, 2010). I just retired and I'm waiting for my wife to do the same later this year and it's my job to "research" possible destinations. I've been spending 2-3 hours a day searching the internet and I'm way overwhelmed. So many options, so many choices. I'm torn between Montana, Mexico or the moon and everyplace in between. Reading Budget Travel has allowed me to peruse multiply options at a more leisurely pace. Apparently I forgot how convenient a "hands on" magazine can be but I'm enjoying flipping pages and being able to show my wife exactly what's out there without dragging her to the computer. Thanks.