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Bent and Wiggly Magazine

Bent & Wiggly is a fun-filled puzzle book, packed with hours of word-finding enjoyment. The magazine features special and unique word-find puzzles – the hidden words bend and twist within the puzzle diagram, instead of appearing in a straight line as found in traditional word find puzzles. Bent & Wiggly is comprised of full-size puzzles that are a stimulating and amusing pastime for the whole family. The word-finds in this magazine are of premium quality and are sure to keep serious puzzlers entertained and busy until the next issue arrives. Bent & Wiggly is a favorite title among passionate word-find fans, and offers great variety and alternative to the standard word-find that puzzlers are accustomed to. Look no further for top-notch word-finds that are fun to solve from to start to finish!

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Love it - By ginny


I have been doing the Bent & Wiggly Puzzles for several years and I always have one book done before the next book comes, it is my favorite puzzle book of all times, I have had several yearly subscriptions for it the last 2 or 3 years, I wouldn't be without it, I take it everywhere I go.