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Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Better Homes and Gardens is America's most trusted magazine. BHG stimulates creativity, delivers know-how, and surprises you with fresh ideas you can make your own. In a world of endless images and infinite choices, BHG sharpens your vision of the life you wants to live. Live a more colorful life! Try it for a 90 day FREE trial!

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Publication Rating

Satisfaction guaranteed ?? - By Account No. 10023832784


I was totally unimpressed with BHandG cookbook "celebrate the season 2014" and wish to return it. The book is filled with crafty items and how to "party" and only a few recipies of interest, to me, thus I wish to return the book. There is absolutely no where in the invoice, or packaging, information on the return of same. Therefore, until I recieve a prepaid return, I shall retire it to an unwanted book depository and await further instructions from your organization. Please remove my name from any/all furture publications. Thank you Glenn,

Publication Rating

Thanks for your suggestion -- - By Jane


You had a "blurb" in your magazine over 21 years ago about sending flowers to your mother on your birthday. I did it -- and my mother was thrilled. What a wonderful idea. Perhaps you should place this suggestion in your magazine again and thrill more mothers! Jane Hultin Denver, Colorado

Publication Rating

Love your magazine - By Sandy


I have subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens for the 46 years I've been married. My Mother subscribed when I was a child and it was a tradition I wanted to carry on. I love the magazine and am very happy to see your advertisers portray middle aged women as beautiful women. We are, and are only getting more beautiful as we age. So in response to the go for it Dove!

Publication Rating

I love, love, love BHG magazine!!! - By CaseyGurl


I have ordered dozens of decorating and garden magazines in the past and have always been disappointed because the adds outnumber the actual magazine half the time. Better Homes and Gardens is a hefty magazine at an amazing price with tons of great articles and pictures. It is my favorite magazine. I LOVE IT!!!

Publication Rating

Disappointed - By lyndaH


I am very disappointed in Better Homes and Gardens- no longer is the the coffee table magazine. The advertising policies are so that I can no longer subscribe to it- The Dove middle age women baring it all was it for me. I have sons - I do not want these pictures in my house. Modesty is very important here. I am sorry to see BHG going this way.