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Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine

Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) unearths the archaeological world of the Old and New Testament. Enhance your Biblical knowledge with the latest discoveries and controversies in archaeology, breathtaking photography, informative maps and diagrams. Unique in its melding of the academic study of archaeology with an eager general audience, BAR's nondenominational discussion forum appeals to a wide range of views.

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Christian Education. - By G.I. ISA


I grew up on BAR. My teacher at our little Christian School and the Pastor of our Church both subscribed. It has been a decade since I last read an issue. Technology is destroying our youths' capacity to concentrate and focus. Don't let them entertain and hook up to a TV or computer for immediate training until their teens. I found reading highly rewarding and BAR advanced those frontiers in Grade School.

Publication Rating

All children in public schools need this Mag - By Concerned Mom


This is an amazing find for my family. I have a 14yr old son who hates to read, yet loves G_d. I have tried everything to get him interested in reading and have not had any success. I found this Magazine online and thought it might interest him, because his favorite TV channel is the History channel. I was right!!! Not only does he love it, it offers him a scientific link to the Bible. Thanks to all who are involved in publishing this gold mine.