We're sorry, but Biker is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

Biker | 5/2007 Cover Biker | 3/2007 Cover
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Here's one authentic motorcycle magazine that's put together for the hardcore Harley brotherhood who take their riding seriously. Sorry, folks, there's nothin' here for wimps or iced tea drinkers. Biker is put together to entertain bros who just can't seem to get enough killer scoots, T&A exposure, and enough riding time to keep up with all the heavy duty partying that's going on all across the country. Tune in for a look at riding events and happenings and some ladies that'd be a shame to miss. Biker turns every issue into party time.

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Like the Expanded Issue - By Ducky


Just got the April issue of Biker. Really like the expanded issue and more color pictures. Good job. Now if we could just get the David Mann center folds back again. Just renewed my subscription for two years.

Publication Rating

hope to ride again - By Hotrod


Yes while I'm not riding right now easyriders keeps me up on bikes and events thanks!