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  • Publisher: Duncan Mcintosh
  • Customer Service Number: (888) 732-7323
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 2943
  • Sales Rank: 384
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Boating World Magazine

Boating World magazine, the leader in recreational trailerboating. is the definitive family boating lifestyle magazine. Boating World embodies the passion of its readers, active boaters who enjoy family boating, fishing, cruising, water skiing and anything else related to passing time on a boat.

Boating World's editorial content is focused on what is important to the recreational boater: new boat tests, engine comparisons, trailering tips, watersports toys and techniques, safety advice, DIY projects and more. Our experts test all the latest models, dispense invaluable advice on maintenance and repair, and deliver the inside scoop on boat handling, financing and selection guidelines.

Boating is an adventure shared by many — our goal is to keep that spirit alive and deliver information that enlightens, entertains and inspires you to increase your ability and maximize your time on the water.

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Where The Action Is - June 2015 - By Joey


I enjoy your Mag. Love the DIY's, trouble solving and boat tests. Thank you for all, from cover to cover. But, there is a post card size add. "SEA\\TOW" that is glued to the page. When removing it... It takes the words right off the page with it. This makes it a task to read the article. I hope you can solve the problem. Thank you