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Carpe Articulum Literary Review

Carpe Articulum Literary Review is published for readers interested in all aspects of the literary arts. Published quarterly, each thick, glossy issue is filled with some of the most exquisite, timeless literary pieces that have been hand-selected by the Carpe Articulum editors. As a publication that embraces the art of expression, the magazine does not limit its contents to the written language as it also allows up-and-coming photographers and painters to display their work in its pages. Carpe Articulum Literary Review provides emerging writers with a platform to get recognized, featuring fresh voices in poetry, non-fiction, screenwriting, novellas, short fiction and scientific papers. Readers will also find insightful essays, intriguing interviews with renowned writers and informative articles in the pages of this literary review. Serving a global readership that embraces an innovative take on the traditional literary review, Carpe Articulum demonstrates that nothing contends with the serene, tactile experience of reading the printed word in book or magazine form. Encouraging readers to test unexplored literary waters, this beautiful publication serves as the perfect coffee table addition.

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