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Cat Fancy Magazine

Cat lovers, you'll find helpful articles galore in Cat Fancy. This magazine is devoted to helping you care for your cat features stories about health, training and grooming. Cat Fancy, for people interested in all phases of cat ownership, contains historical, medical, how-to, humor and first-person stories.

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Publication Rating

Comment on Cat Fancy - By Crazy Girl


Gosh... i never seen or read such a good magazine like this!! I want to let everyone know that if you like cats... any type or want to know if your cat is sick or something this is the best magaine to read about cats on!! READ AWAY!!!

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Awesome Magazine for Cat Fanciers - By Kitten


I look forward to each issue of CatFancy as I find it very informative and enjoy reading the many stories about cats being restored to their owners and those that are adopted out to loving cat people. Also the many pictures & articles are on different subjects including cat rescue, care of feral cats & domestic alike.

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Kudoos to Cat Fancy - By Jennifer


Finally a magazine that was willing to tell the truth about online pharmacies and the risks that occurs with some of them. Thank you Dr. Ruth MacPete for your very thoughtful article 'Information About Online Pharmacies'. I purchase my drugs from my vet. After all, I trust him with my animals life, why would I assume he is not the correct place to get my animals medication.

Publication Rating

Bravo on TNR Article in July 2010 Cat Fancy Issue! - By K Baker


The article “Protecting Feral Cats” in the July 2010 issue of Cat Fancy was especially timely for me. Even the lives of feral cats are important. Thank you, Cat Fancy, for including this very important message in your magazine.

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My Review - By Jacob


I think that this magazine is wonderful because it has many awesome things in it and lets cat lovers experience what they want! I highly recommend it!