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  • Publisher: Active Interest Media
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Clean Eating Magazine

Clean Eating is all about a healthy, nutritional lifestyle—determined and embodied by the foods you put into your body. A publication with an innovative approach to diet and fitness, Clean Eating is unlike any other health magazine out there. Every issue serves as a complete how-to guide to subscribing to a healthy lifestyle through clean, wholesome eating. Read up on how you can improve yourself, your health and your attitude by taking it one meal at a time. With creative cooking ideas, snack tips and more, Clean Eating is not only informational, but also enjoyable to read. Expert chefs offer their takes on delicious recipes that enhance the food's natural flavors while nutritionists lend tips and tricks on how to enjoy the meals you eat while staying on a "clean" track. Revered for its unique and doable spin on nutrition, Clean Eating magazine proves that consuming food in its most natural state is not only a new way of eating—it’s a new way of life.

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The Best Receipes - very easy to work with - By annie


this is a great magazine - especially loved the vegetarian dishes.