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Other Collectible Automobile Reviews

Great - By Rick


I've been a subscriber since the first issue & have every issue, truly look forward to the next. Mr. Peilers re-designs of the corvette are super. Also, the clays & photos of pre-production models are a treat.

GREAT Magazine - By MIKE


Great reading, great photos, great articles, nice mix. Have complete set from the beginning and plan to keep receiving.

Excellent Magazine - By Ted


I remember the day I bought the first two issues on a newsstand and I've been a loyal subscriber ever since. Very high quality in every respect. I've seen almost no factual errors, and it is well worth the extra money. No outside ads, and is a good reference source for automotive history covering at times the entire 11 decades.

First Class Publication - By Cliff59


I have known of your publication for some time now but I did not think it applied much to me. I always assumed that Collectable Automobile was just about pre war Concourse cars. As an entry level auto enthusiast it is hard to find publications with a wide range of topics in the hobby. I did assume wrong.... I truly enjoyed every moment reading the October issue. I am so pleased with the supurb writing, content, and overall layout of Collectable Automobile. Thank you for publishing a quality magazine.

Incomparable Imperial - By 66Imperial


Your article on Imperials was most appreciated. It brought back memories for me of a 66 Crown Imperial sitting brand new on a showroom in Columbus GA. My impression as an 11 year old car nut was "awesome". How could any car cost 6000 (i believe) dollars?? I was awestruck and in love with it. Been a lover of Cadillacs, Lincolns and especially Imperials all my life. Your opening photo of the silver coupe with dark burgandy interior reaffirmed my love of those cars. I've read and continue to reread the article and recapture a wonderful boyhood moment! Again Thank You.

The definitive vintage car enthusiast magazine - By Jetsmooth66


The best, most informative vintage automobile magazine of them all. Packed with research and dazzling color photos. Collectable Automobile magazine gives more than mere engine displacement and horse power ratings. Never content to emphasize the obvious, it delves head on into the design, production and marketing of collector automobiles from the exotic to the mass produced. A television show should be based on this publication. It would be much more informative than "My Collector Car" and even "American Muscle Car". For those who are more cerebral about these sublime, four wheeled representations of Americana, Collectible Magazine is the only thinking man's guide to classic autos available on the book store shelves.

Magazine quality - By cmyhtrod


I have just about every issue, I truly enjoy this publication!

Studebaker Wagonaire - Show me one that didn't leak!! - By Chuck Buskell


The article was well written and very informative! The color photos were excellent along with the historical information that was provided. The photo of the fleet of white newsreel camera cars is a part of Americana! One small piece of info was that one of the Studebaker station wagons(wagonaire?) was placed into service as part of the White House fleet during President Kennedy's administation and the U.S. Navy purchased fleet cars to help Studebaker out.