We're sorry, but Country Weekly is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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Country Weekly (Newsstand Only)

If you're a serious country music fan, Country Weekly is the magazine for you. You'll find the latest in tours, music and video news, as well as interviews, features and photos of your favorite country music stars in each issue.

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Publication Rating

Wanted: Blake Shelton ! - By pa#1bser


I love this magazine & have been a subcriber for over 4 years ! I just have one request ,MORE Blake Shelton please ! I think it's time for him to be on the cover again ! He is adorable,love those dimples ,curly hair,baby blue eyes! His smile just makes me melt ! He is soooooo funny and oh yeah did I mention he is the best country singer in my opinion .I just love that voice ! This guy has got it all ! pa#1bser, Sue Foltz

Publication Rating

George is not left handed. - By CK


The article on George Strait concerning the items to be given away by Wrangler and Justin was great, but the picture was backward. George ropes right handed and very well I might add. Could you reprint the picture correctly?

Publication Rating

why is everyone beautiful - By hawkeyesong


I am 63 yrs old and was raised on country music. I think without a doubt that yours is the best published to every week. However I have one question for you, ARE THERE NO UGLY People that can sing. We have watched each edition ofNashville Star and everyone is beautiful. With all the people auditioned there must be one ugly one that has it all.

Publication Rating

Colleting Country Weekly Magazines! - By C.Marie


I've been collecting your Magazine since 1998. I have over two hundred copies and can't part with one of them.I love to look back through the magazines and see how artist start out and where they are today.I know a lot about all the artist I love listen to.I'm a Country Music Junkie.Hopefully I will have an artist singing one of my songs one day.Country Weekly is the best way to learn about country music of today and of the day's gone by.Thanks for keeping us informed about Ty Herndon coming back to Country Music.We are looking forward to his new music.Keep it Country:)

Publication Rating

Love Your Mag - By countryjunkie


I love your magazine, I look forward to getting it in the mail. I have been a subscriber for about 5 years, I'm not really sure, actually, I can't remember not being a subscriber. I read your mag. from front to back over and over, and do all the puzzles, then pass them on to my friends, so they can enjoy them too, any way I can promote country music.