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Diabetes Self Management Magazine

Diabetes Self-Management publishes instructive "how-to" information that has immediate application for people with diabetes. Articles focus on exercise and fitness, nutrition and diet, and the techniques, products, and strategies that help readers take charge of their well-being and live happier, healthier lives.

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Publication Rating

Thanks! - By Anne


Diabetes Self-Management magazine is a great source of information and support. I have been a diabetic for over 40 years; I learn more each year how to take care of myself and your magazine has been a great help. Thank you!

Publication Rating

Helpful and encouraging read - By Marcia


I am so thankful for publications like Diabetes Self-Management. With a subscription to this magazine I am able to stay informed on all of the latest equipment and medicines related to diabetes. The magazine as a whole is just an encouraging and positive influence on my life, as all of the advice and inspirational articles make dealing with this disease manageable and less stressful. I enjoy reading about other peoples stories and how they have delt with their situations, which helps me to put things into perspective and remember that I am not alone at all. I bought a subscription for a friend who was recently diagnosed and she told me that this was the best gift she has received. There are plenty of helpful instructions and how-to information for all aspects of having diabetes along with exercise and fitness tips and in-depth articles on managing your nutrition and diet. Everytime I get an issue of Diabetes Self Management I get renewed energy to take control of my health and get motivated to inspire others to do the same.

Publication Rating

Positive magazine - By JayMay


I recently was told I had develop diabetics 2. I have found your magazine to be a great comfort in explaining the life changes that I would need to make and the suggestions of recipes and health concerns. I am happy to have one magazine that offers so much. Thanks for keeping me abreast of the lastest information and questions to ask my doctor so that I can stay on top of my condition. I am going to give a gift copy to a family member who also has been diagnose with this condition.