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  • Publisher: Hi-Torque Publications
  • Customer Service Number: (661) 295-1910
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 3124
  • Magazine-Agent.com Sales Rank: 314
  • Website: Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike Magazine

Dirt Bike Magazine is an authoritative source for those passionate about off-road motorcycling. The publication enthusiastically delves into the culture and lifestyle associated with the sport, and is directed towards readers who live and breathe dirt bikes! Whether you are a competitive rider looking to improve your placing or use your bike for a recreational thrill, Dirt Bike is guaranteed to have an abundant of information relevant to your level of interest. The content includes in-depth reviews of gear, products, and bikes, and offers extensive how-to sections on subjects such as conquering obstacles and mastering the clutch. Dirt Bike also includes a collection of fun feature articles of distinct topics such as street-legal dirt bikes, as well as instructional DIY maintenance tips and riding tricks for improved performance. The magazine’s articles are valuable and respected for and by all dirt bikers, in part due to its editorial contributions by industry champions. Dirt Bike Magazine is a leading publication, jam-packed with colorful photos that capture the excitement and action of your favorite sport.

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