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Dirt Rider Magazine

Get all the excitement that comes from the world of motocross with each issue of Dirt Rider Magazine, the leading resource for the motocross, dirt bike or off-road motorcycle enthusiast. Dirt Rider not only brings you the latest in motocross racing news and events, but features exclusive content and reviews of the latest off-road and dirt bikes. Dirt Rider has you covered with reviews, race coverage, and more!

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Publication Rating

Best Mag. Ever! - By Tyler Franzen


I have read other MX mags but this is my favorite one! You give reviews and tips that can't be found anywhere else!

Publication Rating

Informative - By Houndman


Dirt Rider magazine keeps me up to date with just about everything dirt bike. Great reviews from bikes down to things like tire rim locks. Provides great shootouts not only with the main class of dirt bikes but the other niche bikes as well,such as the 400's, two strokes etc. Not an issue goes by that doesn't let us know that we ought to get the hint that we should be involved in groups preserving riding areas, and to be good stewards while doing our craft. A clean and well edited magazine.