We're sorry, but Dogs For Kids is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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Quick Facts:
  • Publisher: Lumina Media
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 678-8022
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 9615
  • Magazine-Agent.com Sales Rank: 2013
  • Website: Dogs For Kids

Dogs For Kids

Dogs for Kids is geared toward canine-loving pre-teens and teens. Each full-color issue covers training tips, mini breed profiles, fun activities to do with dogs, games, puzzles and posters. While fun is a major component of the magazine, Dogs for Kids' goal is to educate children about dogs and taking care of them.

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Publication Rating

Great - By Maggie


My kids and i enjoyed pouring over our 14 magazines, and we literally read them cover-to-cover. This magazine helped our children train our 1 year old yorkie, and he got the best from it. I dont know if DogFancy has tips for 'pooch training', but if you could continue the article magazine when you can, my kids cried when they got the postcard.

Publication Rating

keep goin! - By puppymyheart


please keep printing! we loved your mag! it rocked! please continue when u can!

Publication Rating

Very Good - By Dogluver


Dogs for Kids was a fantastic magazine, and it is the greatest shame that they are no longer re-printing. My subscription was changed to Dogfancy, but it wont be the same. If you were part of the making of this FABULOUS magazine and you are reading this, all my friends agree that you did a great job, and when the economy gets better, PLEASE continue re-printing!!! if you have never read this magazine, Dogfancy has an award for one the worlds best dog magazines, so check that out.