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Dressage Today Magazine

When you can get your horse to execute complicated maneuvers with a tiny, imperceptible movement of your body, that's an art and a skill that can take you to the Olympics. This magazine features profiles of the leading dressage riders, along with techniques, advice and inspiration from the experts.

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A dream of mine - By Erin


I've been a horse-lover since the young age of four. I started riding on an old gelding that my parents were allowing a friend of ours to keep on the property. I started the usual way: a pony ride at the end of a lunge line. But one day I fell off, and when I asked if I could go home, my instructor replied "Yes. But you can't come back." And that has stuck with me throughout my whole riding career. Now at the age of fourteen, I'm showing hunt seat in the Pinto circuit. Granted it's not dressage, but it's a start. I do however want to work my way up to dressage, and everything that I'm learning from this magazine is really only helping with that aspiration.

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my passion for dressage - By SAveterinarian


I began riding again after a 25 year hiatus due to raising a family and career, and took up my passion for dressage, buying a Warmblood and taking lessons. A relative gave me a subscription to Dressage Today a year ago-and I have enjoyed every issue-and have learnt enormously. Sitting in Cape Town on the southern most tip of Africa, it is easy to feel isolated-but thanks to your excellent magazine, one feels in touch with the top trainers and issues in the world thank you for a world class publication.