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  • Publisher: Life Time Fitness
  • Customer Service Number: (952) 947-0000
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 5327
  • Magazine-Agent.com Sales Rank: 1768
  • Website: Experience Life

Experience Life

Experience Life is your guide to a healthy way of life. Your road map toward real and lasting self-improvement. Your antidote to all the fuss and nonsense that dominates the vast majority of health and fitness publications. The underpinnings of fitness - things like self-knowledge and self-esteem, clear priorities, enthusiasm and will - they come from the inside. That's a vital story that doesn't get told often enough in many fitness magazines. But it's the one we know to be true, and the one that inspires many of our readers to write in and say "thanks!" We'll help you build a better body, and a better life.

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Publication Rating

Thought Provoking and Interesting - By David S.


Nice job. Helpful, thought-provoking and entertaining. I never thought I’d find a “fitness” magazine interesting to read. I’m a 49-year-old family man who finally woke up. I’ve never been physically fit in my whole adult life. Pudgy throughout. Now Experience Life is changing that and I feel great. I’m often told, “You can’t possibly be old enough to have a 21-year-old son!” It’s fun to “be” younger.

Publication Rating

Talk About Getting it Right! - By Kimberlee


Well...that pretty much says it all! I absolutely love this magazine. There is so much information packed into each issue, it is amazing. But the best past is that honestly, the information is detailed, fresh, and actionable... not just a lot of theory. There is absolutely something for everyone and I thank all of you who create and/or pull this information together. Keep up the fantastic work - it is the only magazine of it's kind that really does get it right!