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Faith & Family

If you're facing the issues of raising a Catholic family in the modern world (and who isn't?), Faith & Family is a must. This publication is full of features on faith at work and at home, to center your marriage and help your children grow up right.

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A Must Read for all Catholic Families! - By homeschool Catholic Mom


I have subscribed to "Faith and Family" since it's first issue, and devour it cover to cover the day it arrives, even if I have to lose sleep (and I usually do, homeschooling 3 children). It has articles on living our Catholic faith in the real world: celebrating the feasts in the Church calendar (how about an archangel's party Sept 29th?), dealing with difficulties in childrearing and marriage from a truly Catholic perspective, great do-able recipes and crafts, helpful hints for busy Moms, and most of all the inspiration to keep at it, that what we do as Moms is preparing young souls to live in eternity!