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Quick Facts:
  • Publisher: Reader's Digest
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 344-6913
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 440
  • Sales Rank: 8
  • Website: Family Handyman

Family Handyman Magazine

Why pay for pricey repairs when you can save money and time doing it all yourself? Edited for the DIY type, Family Handyman is your guide to home, automobile and appliance repair. Featuring step-by-step instructions and clear photos, this magazine is as vital of a tool as the ones at your workbench. Each issue of Family Handyman is filled with in-depth plans for a wide variety of projects including cabinetry, plumbing and electrical repair, gardening and building decks along with wallpapering and painting. With so many helpful tips and easy "how-to," you'll be working like a pro in no time!

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Publication Rating

Master Table of contents - By Bob


I save all my Family Handyman magazine. Lots of good information. It would be great if there was a master table of contents so I could know what Magazine to grab

Publication Rating

Garden shed - By Molly


The articles helped a homeowner and handywoman with everything. Ever thought of changing the name to include both sexes?

Publication Rating

Family Handyman Magazine - By tommy


I'm Hooked, About A Month Ago I Was Waiting In The Doctors Office And Picked Up The Magazine, And Was Amazed At The Articles, All Kind Of Great Ideas.I Am Really Impressed. One Neat Idea Was Hiding Your House Key In The False Electrical Pipe In The Ground Against Your House.I'll Never Miss Another Monthly Magazine.

Publication Rating

- By Bryan


Thank you so much for creating a truly family friendly magazine. You don't include ads from advertisers that are inappropriate or have women baring it all. I appreciate that as a father of 3 young sons I can look at your magazines with them and help them learn along the way. It seems that there is nowhere you can turn these days without having inappropriate images shoved in your face. I know that a lot of companies think that is all men want to see but I am glad that you have taken a different route and kept it respectable. Thank you so much for that! Keep up the great work! We love all the projects and and "how to's"!

Publication Rating

Had to Have It! - By Duckster


I was sitting in my chiropractor's office waiting for my treatment and was looking for something to read and saw the Family Handyman and started reading it. I liked it and the articles so much I subscribed. After a few months I decided both of my sons should get it too because of all the good tips and projects that it has and they liked it as much as I thought they would. I just renewed theirs for the second year. Keep up the good articles and tips Handyman!