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Paint Tips June 2016 - By John Henn


I appreciated the paint tips and other tips



I learned of your magazine through my husband. How fantastic this magazine is. I read every single page. Its a great magazine. I wish I could say I found it. However, as a Woman I can't tell you how easy the reading and the cool ways I can do things for myself. I love it. You get an A+ in my book. WELL DONE.

Master Table of contents - By Bob


I save all my Family Handyman magazine. Lots of good information. It would be great if there was a master table of contents so I could know what Magazine to grab

Garden shed - By Molly


The articles helped a homeowner and handywoman with everything. Ever thought of changing the name to include both sexes?

Family Handyman Magazine - By tommy


I'm Hooked, About A Month Ago I Was Waiting In The Doctors Office And Picked Up The Magazine, And Was Amazed At The Articles, All Kind Of Great Ideas.I Am Really Impressed. One Neat Idea Was Hiding Your House Key In The False Electrical Pipe In The Ground Against Your House.I'll Never Miss Another Monthly Magazine.