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Fast Company Magazine

Catch up with the groundbreaking pacesetters and innovative ideas that make the business world take off. Learn what makes businesses succeed. Find out how the best are thriving and how you can too. Fast Company is not your average conservative business magazine - it's business with an edge.

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Publication Rating

Great! - By doctor pookie


Few things are great these days to me. But on a very few rare occasion I come across something that gives me that scintillating sensation I thirst for. Fast company magazine provides that to me. I ardently wait and am thankfully happy when it arrives in my mail. For insight into what's happening in technology, business and culture it can't be beat as a one stop print medium. Best of all it all ties together along with coverage of other important issues that will affect us now and for decades to come. I recommend it to all young and aspiring artist, marketers, designers et all that I come across. It's the best magazine I've come across in a long long time.

Publication Rating

Excellent magazine - By Ivelina Dimitrova


I have read your magazine by accident. It was recommended to me by one of my classmates. I enjoyed it a lot as it tackles current issues. I am enrolled in an MBA program and when I am back in my dormitory in the fall, I will subscribe for it. Keep your magazine the same! It is great! Ivelina Dimitrova