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Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Fine Homebuilding is the leading and most reliable residential construction magazine on the market. Every issue of this publication delivers the essential information for building a beautiful home. The content in Fine Homebuilding is provided by some of today's most trusted and respected carpenters, masons, architects, cabinetmakers and more. These well-seasoned professionals share their most valuable tips, techniques, and secrets of the trade. Fine Homebuilding is also a reader's guide to the most up-to-date in tools and building materials, and explores a wide variety of inspirational design ideas. This magazine will offer insider tricks to speed up the process of your construction and remodeling, and offers new ways to focus on minimizing expended energy. Fine Homebuilding will allot you a greater awareness and grasp on what possibilities are out there and the most competent way to get them done.

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Publication Rating

Good source of homebuilding information - By Josh P.


I bought a subscription to Fine Homebuilding when my wife and I decided to build a home on this great piece of land in New Hampshire. I wanted to gain a better understanding of the details and technicalities that accompany the complex process of building a home. Fine Homebuilding is full of rich descriptions and always includes the finer points, that I have found other magazines of this genre to leave out. While some of the articles can be a bit too technical for the average homebuilding reader, this publication does a nice job at explaining the little details that can easily slip through the cracks amidst the craziness of construction.

Publication Rating

Great magazine for home projects - By GBH


My wife bought me a subscription to Fine Homebuilding for my Birthday... what a great gift. I'm a beginner to intermediate builder, but the detailed instructions in this magazine made it possible for me to do some pretty professional-level projects. When I show off my remodeled workspace and office, people can't believe that I actually did everything myself. But I must say I couldn't have done it without FH. Thanks.

Publication Rating

One of the best - By crashing oaks


Over the 11 years I been involved in carpentry and home building, I have come to find that Fine Homebuilding is one of the best sources for ideas, accuracy, and quality in the industry. I fully trust anything with the Taunton name on it