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Fit Pregnancy Magazine

There is nothing more important to a couple expecting a new baby than the issues of health. Fit Pregnancy is the only magazine dedicated to the health and fitness of the pregnant and postpartum woman and her newborn before, during and after pregnancy. Issues deliver safe workouts, nutrition guidance, meal plans, the latest medical news and reviews of new baby gear. The whole nine yards for the whole nine months.

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Great gift for your expecting wife - By Maxx


My wife and I recently found out that we are expecting our first child. I bought her a subscription to Fit Pregnancy as a gift, hoping that she would enjoy the content and learn some useful and important information. I was very happy to find out that my wife was not disappointed. She is an avid exerciser and was eager to learn about maintaining fitness throughout her pregnancy. She loves the tips and techniques offered in every issue on this subject matter, and also enjoys the fashion and beauty bonuses that come along with it. This really is a great gift for your expecting wife. She'll love it and love you even more for the small gesture!

Publication Rating

The BEST pregnancy guide at any stage! - By Julie


Fit Pregnancy has guided me through my first two pregnancies and helped me to bounce back into killer shape afterwards. I don't think there's any pregnancy magazine that compares to what this one has to offer. It caters to women at all of these very vital life stages-- before, during and after pregnancy. In the Q&A section I get so many of my questions/concerns answered... even ones that I didn't realize I had! I love that Fit Pregnancy offers stylish solutions to maternity wear at reasonable prices. Overall, this is a fundamental subscription to have if you are looking to start a family or are in the midst of a growing one. The issues at hand for pregnant women are constantly changing and especially as technology and science evolve there are always new things to know about! The magazine offers essential information on what you should and shouldn't do when you're pregnant-- things that a lot of women often don't even know about! The exercise tips are great and there are always clear demonstrative photos that make it easy and comprehensible. Even when I am not pregnant, I will continue to subscribe to FitPregnancy for all of the great tips and articles on young tots.

Publication Rating

Best Mag!! - By Aedin's Mom


This was my absolute favorite magazine to read during my pregnancy. My girlfriend bought me a subscription to it and I loved it!! So much great info, and answers to questions that you didn't even know you had. Even good dad info that I would pass on to my husband. I've even continued to read it now that my little one is almost 6 months old. I definitely would recommend!!