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Freshwater And Marine Aquarium | 5/2010 Cover Freshwater And Marine Aquarium | 3/2010 Cover Freshwater And Marine Aquarium | 2/2010 Cover Freshwater And Marine Aquarium | 11/2009 Cover Freshwater And Marine Aquarium | 10/2009 Cover
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Freshwater And Marine Aquarium

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine is an essential read for aquarium enthusiasts who are interested in creating, maintaining and expanding a healthy underwater garden of varied species and plants. This publication is packed with helpful articles, showing you step-by-step ways to shop for the right tank, choose the best fish and excel at tank upkeep. Every issue features the "Wet Vet" section, where the magazine's resident veterinarian answers readers' questions regarding mysterious species ailments, what causes them and how to prevent them. Freshwater and Marine Aquarium keeps you informed on all types of species with a special "Reef Notes" section. Here, you'll find species profiles and useful tips to reducing stress and disease in your fish population. With in-depth, research-based articles on how to achieve a successful type of underwater system, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium is as crucial to your tank's success as the lighting and water.

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