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Game Informer

Game Informer covers the vast world of computer and video games. Every issue provides you with a healthy dose of the inside scoop on the latest games, taking out the guesswork regarding the best games on the market. Published for gamers of all ages, Game Informer provides coverage of all of the major game platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, Gamecube, PC and even Gameboy Advance. Read up on reviews written by seasoned gamers and industry experts so that you know which games to snatch up as soon as they hit the shelves, and which ones to take a pass on. Game Informer comes packed with tech articles and buying guides for equipment, accessories and more. You'll find essential strategy guides and tips that will help you master your gaming skills and have you playing like a pro in no time. With must-read trivia and industry news updates, Game Informer provides an intriguing blend of diverse articles and information that feed the interests of the ultimate video and computer game enthusiast.

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Publication Rating

Game Informer Mag - By KDOGG


I am a 31 year-old gamer and have been a subscriber for many years. Not to kiss booty but your mag is the best out there. Thanks for all the hard work and I'll keep reading. Loyal Reader, KDOGG

Publication Rating

Bulls Eye With A Slight Curve - By Century of Pain


Overall the magazine is king of the mountain as far as I'm concerned. Although Reiner does act like a baby sometimes, I enjoy the reviews that the team pumps out every month. I think all of the DS and Wii games just take up valuable paper space. But I guess they deserve a chance for the kiddies.