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  • Publisher: GARDEN & GUN
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 800-8336
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 116C
  • Sales Rank: 19
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Garden and Gun Magazine

The Garden & Gun Magazine is a celebration of the rich and vibrant culture of the South. Every issue aims to represent the best of what a modern, Southern lifestyle has to offer its very proud inhabitants. The Garden & Gun generates fresh and valuable editorial content on topics that include the contemporary South’s sporting culture, food, music, prominent people, events, literature, and ideas. The magazine offers information on travel destinations and sought out vacation spots for both travelers and dwellers of the booming region. The glossy pages of Garden & Gun are filled with colorful photographs of the land, as the magazine strongly promotes a conscious connection to and conservation of the Southern environment. The publication reflects a strong respect for traditions, while allowing the South’s adaptation and modern lifestyle to shine through. The Garden & Gun is a lively and energetic magazine that is a must-have for today’s proud and loyal Southerner!

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Can't Wait! - By Buck Buck


Totally love this magazine-so relevant & genuine, can't wait for the next issue to come.