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Girls' Life Magazine

In this award-winning magazine, females aged eight to 14 can find articles about the things that matter the most to them. Girls' Life offers advice about friends and families, invites its young readers to find pen pals, and explores popular culture through celebrity interviews and fashion stories.

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Publication Rating

- By Morgs


I get updated with the teen stars and it's safe and friendly for me, and my parents know that it's safe too.

Publication Rating

- By kittymom


I love this magazine! It show's me stuff that I can use to help me!

Publication Rating

awesome!!!!! - By elyssa234


I think this is a great magazine!

Publication Rating

I <3 this magazine - By susan


This magazine has changed my life. i luv this magazine. ever since I got this i've been excriseing more and eating healthier. Also my fashion has changed.I've learnd a lot from this magazine.

Publication Rating

excellent magazine ! - By victoriaa=)


this magazine awesome! it has ads but not as many as the other magazines out there. also, there's useful info in it like fashion tips, some info on your favorite celebrities and questions about life. but my favorite factor about it is that instead of focusing mainly on celebrities, the contents are to help young girls in my age group (13 years) cheers to the staff!