We're sorry, but Golf For Women is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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Golf For Women

No sport has experienced a greater boom among women over the past years than golf. And six times a year, Golf For Women covers the women's game, from the professional level right down to the beginners. Each issue provides expert instructionals, reports about the top professional and amateur players, and reviews of courses and equipment. A perfect magazine for the new female golfer of the next century.

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Not a good change - By Brenda


I've subscribed to Golf for Women since almost the beginning of it's creation. I can honestly say that the exposure to the magazine has played a big part in going from a 20-21 to a 12. Thanks!!!A couple of years ago I was surprised to hear my husband telling one of his buddies how much he likes the magazine, "...it has great tips and practice ideas. The (men's equivalent) golf magazine has nothing but advertisments." Unfortunately, based on the March/April issue, Golf for Women has caught up with the typical men's magazine and has been taken over by ads. If the percentage of ads to articles is not exactly the same ....you're not far behind. If an increase in the number of ads is a measure of progress, perhaps this is a good example that, progress is not always for the better.