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For the past 60 years, Gourmet has been inspiring the inner-chef in its readers with innovative recipes, insider restaurant reviews and dynamic features. What is subtitled "The Magazine of Good Living" celebrates just that - the pleasure and joy found in preparing and consuming great food. Since its initial founding, Gourmet has developed into a multifaceted publication, delving into the world of travel and shopping as well as international cuisine. Every issue is filled with fantastic seasonal menu ideas, suggestions for elegant table settings, and specialized sections like "Ten-Minute Mains" and "Quick Kitchen." With insightful articles and stunning layouts, Gourmet encourages readers to look beyond the culinary experience and explore new menus, people and places.

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Publication Rating

Timeless - By Isabelli


Gourmet is a class act. No other magazine compares to this one in the finest recipes and gustatory delights. A subscription to Gourmet, which my mother gives me every year for Christmas, serves as a constant source of inspiration for me to be the best chef I can be. Plus it's a great gift for family members and friends, especially during the holidays.

Publication Rating

Still popular after all these years - By stevie g


About 30 years ago, my wife and I had 3 publications we'd each anxiously await each month. Hers, Gourmet and the long since passed Cuisine. Mine, Gourmet and Communication Arts. Since then, sharing the love - and joy of food - and the expansion that comes from international menus, has been handed down to a grateful son and daughter and shared with the rest of an extended family. In turn, several others delicacies like roasted rattlesnake w/ sesame oil have become part of our recipe box. The point? Food is sharing. Food is communication. Food is a connection on a very deep but relevant level. Regardless of political agendas, religious or musical preferences, we can honestly say nobody we've ever sat with gets upset with our food preferences. They may not 'prefer' certain recipes but always trust the menu's well thought out. Thru the years, Gourmet has served to encourage this special exploration, understanding and excitement that only comes with discovering, and sharing, the right recipe.

Publication Rating

Still a mainstay - By Sophie L


A mainstay in cooking publications for over 60 years, Gourmet, as it's title suggests, is an upscale magazine catering to people with means, and some degree of cooking experience. These recipes can come out fabulously but may need some hard to find or expensive ingredients. They are also more often than not quite complex which cooks subscribing to this magazine revel in as they challenge themselves to create dishes a step beyond that which they previously created. Gourmet like many magazines of the same longevity has had to evolve over the years. One of the ways they did this was to branch out into the world of travel and explore various foods from different countries. The celebration of cultures around the world is explored through food and wine leaving the reader to come away with slice of that lifestyle and new ideas to incorporate into their cooking. Excellent photography, fabulous recipes, and innovative ideas are just some of the reasons for Gourmets staying power. It is simply a fantastic magazine whose content speaks for itself. A must have for any aspiring cook!