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Guideposts Sweet 16

Full of true stories that will strengthen a teen's faith and show them how to lead a balanced life. Guideposts For Teens is bursting with great ideas to help teens enjoy life and make the right decision.

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sweet 16 is a fabulous magazine for teen girls! - By sarahdaisey


I highly recommend sweet 16 to all teenage girls. it is one of my all-time favorite magazines and I thoroughly enjoy reading every issue. it always has cute and affordable fashions, do-it yourself projects, advice, and so much more! I love reading the real stories, they're so inspiring and incredible! Sweet 16 always highlights individuals who are making a difference and their celeb interviews are so great because you actually learn something about them instead of just hearing about their life. Sweet 16 will leave you feeling good and anxiously waiting for the next issue so subscribe to it today!