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Guideposts Magazine

Guideposts is a motivational handbook to living a happy and successful life by honoring religious faith. Each monthly issue contains a number of articles and first-person stories written by people from all walks of life, meant to inspire and nurture the personal growth and struggles of the magazine's dedicated readers. In Guideposts, Americans of all ages, race, and backgrounds express their devotion to prayer and commitment to God, and convey how these followings have helped to find peace of mind and soul. Topics that are regularly confronted in this magazine are how to satisfy personal and familial relationships, build a strong career, and come to terms with the loss of loved ones. The monthly cover stories of each issue feature a notable public individual. Guideposts magazine has been a source of comfort and wisdom to millions of Americans for over fifty years.

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Publication Rating

Their Mysterious Ways Too - By SCouch


I purchased this book as a gift; however, I thought I'd read just a couple of the little stories .... I couldn't put it down. Read in a few short hours. I just want to recommend it to everyone. It's great!

Publication Rating

beautiful faith filled stories - By brenda


I got a few from a friend, and they are so beautiful!! So many inspirational stories in one spot, with believing in God as the base of all of them. I was very impressed right away.

Publication Rating

GOOD READ - By jean


I have had many trials in my life. Reading The Guidpost allways helped me through them! Reading about how God HAs been in other peoples lives,has made me realize, there are other people in this World that has problems also!I have some from 10 years ago i still read over and over!Thanks for being there for people to read!

Publication Rating

Inspirational Reading - By graylady


I worked at CRWRC some years ago and always read the magazine also given to me as a gift. My sister & and I commented on the beautiful articles written for the magazine and we do not feel fulfilled unless we read from cover to cover. Hate when subscription runs out and cannot afford to renew, but God is always faithful and someone will leave one somewhere we visit. Okay, I do take them home, but God know we pass them on. I am 75 and started reading at the early age of 8 (for myself) and never have I been more satisfied and inspired as when I read Guideposts. Keep up the good works, I pray for your staff and the hours spent in the creation.

Publication Rating

Long Timer - By TJ


My mom started buying me Guideposts over 30 years ago. At that time I was full of life and the world. I accepted the gift out of love for my Mom. Then one day I picked up a copy and read an article and then another and another until I had read the whole thing. After doing this month after month, things started going through my mind about life in general. I decided one day to pay a visit to a church my daughter was attending. Long story short, I renewed my faith in God and accepted Him as my savior. I now am a member of a church, play in the church band and am now playing bass in a Christian Contemporary band. Guidepost, you put me back on the path to my Christian walk. You have been a light unto my feet as they say. I thank you for that. By the way, my mom still gets me a Guideposts for Christmas each year. God Bless this magazine!