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Guns Of The Old West Magazine

Guns of the Old West is for the tens of thousands of Americans involved in our fastest growing shooting sport, Cowboy Action Shooting, the Old West is alive today as it ever was, and especially so in any number of competition shooting matches East and West, North and South, where the dress, firearms, daily routine and the match scenarios authentically recall the times of the 1800's with no uncertain affection. Articles focus on firearms, wardrobe, holsters, knives and a long list of products.

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Publication Rating

Great Articles - By Badman


I look forward to this magazine each month, and especially enjoy the articles by Argonbright, Bell, Beliveau, and Lewis. I have met Argonbright, and he is a joy to talk to.

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Great - By Westbones


I really enjoy your magazine and have had a subscription for years.

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Summer 2010 Issue - By Charlie


The article, Don Barry's "Don't Call Him Red", is very good. So is the whole magazine!

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Summer 2010 issue - The Lone Ranger - By Shane


I don't usually buy magazines, but I was grocery shopping and drifted over to the magazine rack. I noticed "The Lone Ranger" in the upper left corner of your Summer 2010 issue. It wasn't until I got home that I found out I spent $7.99 very wisely. You had all my favorites, Huge O'Brian (Wyatt Earp), Chuck Conners (The Rifleman), Richard Boone (Paladin) and Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger) all inside plus more. I'll probably read and re-read this one more than 2-3 times and look up a few web sites along the way. The Lone Ranger got my attention and so did this issue. Thanks.

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It' seems that not a lot of good mail comes these days... With bills and the like showing up daily I can't tell you how happy I am when my issue of Guns of the Old West shows up!! The mailman is a lot happier delivering it than the 70 lb boxes of bullets I use for reloading . I really wish it was a monthly publication and maybe someday that will happen(hint, hint)! The reviews of the guns we use in CAS have spurred me to make some new purchases on several occasions, and a few more my wife does not know about! Keep up the good work and if you can write a few more articles on gunsmithing that we can do at home, that would be great!! With respect, The Monterey Kid (Dale Allen)