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Guns & Ammo

Guns & Ammo is the magazine written and edited for the recreational shooter with a keen interest in safety , every issue is loaded with topics for all kinds of firearm interests. Expert tips, techniques and test reports cover everything from lightweight airshots to heavy-duty buff-busters. Guns & Ammo is only about guns and gear that make shooting safe and fun.

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Publication Rating

Book of the AR-15 - By Royce


I stopped taking Guns and Ammo several years ago because the contents were almost totally about high end guns, top competition, African safaris and elitist fair. The rest was about the 1911. I carry a 1911 but there are other handguns. There was almost nothing for the average shooter / plinker. Imagine my surprise when I picked up a copy of BOOK OF THE AR-15 and found some useful information for a wide spectrum of shooters from beginners to old hands and from low budget to money is no object. Great job! I think I’ll pick up a copy or two of G&A. Who knows, I may get another subscription.

Publication Rating

An Industry Standard - By Clint


Guns & Ammo is the perfect publication for the gun enthusiast. I am interested in and participate in almost all recreational shooting sports. You can always find this magazine lying around at shooting ranges; reading Guns & Ammo is like an industry standard! The content is appropriate and fitting for both advanced shooters and beginners. A subscription to this magazine is also a great gift idea for anyone you know that has an avid interest in the subject matter.

Publication Rating

Top-notch mag for gun enthusiasts - By Gavin


Guns & Ammo was a gift from my wife, and as I enjoy it I'll be giving subscriptions as gifts to my brother and nephew. If you are involved or interested in the world of guns- from collecting to shooting- having Guns & Ammo is like an industry standard. No other writers have such extensive knowledge of the field, so you know you can count on what you're getting. Even if you're new to the sport, Guns & Ammo helps you to evolve into an informed and more professional enthusiast. With so many gun options out there, I'd be lost without my subscription to this magazine. It breaks everything down in an understandable and easy-to-read format which gives me time to focus more on practicing and getting more real-life experience and action.

Publication Rating

Why Ruger - By Bill R.


First let me say I have been reading Guns and Ammo for at least ten years and do not plan on changing now, but I have to ask why do you have an article on Ruger fire arms from Patrick Sweeney in EVERY ISSUE? His articles are good but I for one would like to see some other manufacturers products reviewed. One more thing Mr. Boddington you are doing a great job, your articles are always insightful, thank you.