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High Times

High Times Magazine focuses on the news associated with the counterculture and the movement for legalization of marijuana. The publication’s articles cover topics such as techniques for growing and using the marijuana plant, as well as up-to-date news coverage of the ongoing protest for legalizing cannabis. High Times also includes profiles on and interviews with well-known personalities among this alternative society, most of which are both celebrated within and publicly controversial. The magazine includes a “center-fold,” featuring a high-quality photograph of a different grade of marijuana in each issue. The content of High Times is comprised of entertaining and extraneous topics in addition to its main subject, such as music, film, and sex. It is clear that the publication’s contributors encourage personal use and cultivation of cannabis, and use the distribution of the magazine as a wide-spread forum to spread this message. High Times Magazine aims to celebrate the culture associated with using marijuana recreationally, and hopes to represent the spirit and energy of their target audience.

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Great Info for not letting the goverment decide 4u - By manders


A wonderful magazine that assists you in knowing your rights and works towards not allowing the government to tell you what you can do. A free spirit's handbook to happiness.