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I Love Cats Magazine

Mischievous, fascinating, quiet and cuddly, cats are our companions. Keep up with the latest information on healthcare, feeding, breeding, adoption and products for these furry friends. Share stories and photos and find great gift ideas for you, a fellow cat lover or your cat or cats.

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Publication Rating

Great publisher for writers - By RYTR3


As a published writer four times in I Love Cats, I want to address how well this publication treats its contributors. They are always open to new and unique ideas and pay promptly with contributor copies included as well. Not all magazines are as good to writers as this one is. I know from the personal experience of having worked with many editors through the years.

Publication Rating

Father - By Darin "Fur Ball" McWatters


The embarassing thing is sometimes I lie to people and tell them I really don't love cats. This magazine has contributed to new founding honesty. Now, I find serenity in opening up my true life.

Publication Rating

I Love Cats is Great! - By A cat lover


I Love Cats is awsome for cat lovers! It'll help you have fun and learn more about and understand your feline. I'm sure you'll agree that I Love Cats is an great magazine!