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Other J-14 Reviews

I love J-14 magazines - By Karsyn


I have over ten J-14 magazines and I love reading them. My sisters and I take turns reading them all and we fight over them. Thank you so much for making magazines I love them so much.

Must Have For Teens - By 5sosFam


I have read a ton of celeb gossip magazines and this one is the best so far, I can't think of one thing I don't like about this mag. The targeted age group is around 12-17 but I think anyone 9 and up will enjoy this magazine if they have favorite celebs. The only thing I wish they would do is talk more about YouTube and YouTubers!!!

Best teen magazine out there! - By RedFoo and Bieber Lover


I love this magazine! It has beauty and style advice and stuff like that, which I personally don't really care for, but other girls like that stuff so it might be for you! It has quizzes and fill-in-the-blanks and stuff like that, which I like. It also has stories about celebrities, which I like, and it talks about Justin Bieber (who I love!) and One Direction, and Mindless Behavior, and other bands like that. You'll like it!

love it - By lolipop613


i love this mag soooooooooooooooooo much

Excellent! - By Cate


J-14 is a cool magazine! It's got quizzes, stories, and fun in it! I love this magazine!

Wow - By Misz.France


J-14 is simply the best!

Awesome Magazine - By Gwen


Terrific mag. It was fun to read and super awesome.

Awesome Magazine - By Tiffany


I love this magazine because it has all the latest updates. OMG and I love that there are a lot of things about Justin Bieber (he is a total hottie)! :)

this rocks - By jessie


This is the most awesome magazine ever! I love all of the celebrities.

I love this magazine - By Nicki


This is the best. I love that u have a lot of Twilight stuff in it!!!!!!!!

J-14 A Readers Review - By Sarah


I really liked this issue of J-14 I always do. It's very informative and interesting. It's the only thing I read and I find it very entertaining.

best - By annie


j i4 is the best ever it has so many great photos of celeberties and it just keeps you o amused i love it i dont buy any other magazine lol

Great gift idea - By Shirley


My granddaughter is absolutely in love with J-14! One of my friends had suggested that I buy her a subscription to this magazine for her birthday, and boy am I glad that I took that advice! The second my granddaughter knows that her magazine has arrived, she is off to her bedroom and doesn't return until she has read every word and looked at every picture. The content is appropriate for preteen and teenage readers, and features their favorite young celebrities. I'm so glad that J-14 allowed me to bring an extra little piece of happiness to my granddaughter's life every month!

The BEST for pics and gossip! - By CAILYN


No other magazine brings me all of the photos and gossip I want than this one! I love J-14! I've been reading it for 2 years since I was 14 and it's always filled with so many pictures of the celebs I want to see. The best is when there are posters of my favorites like Selena Gomez! The best present my parents could have given me was a subscription to J-14!

I Love This Magazine - By Kali


I really really love you magazine. I get it every month in the mail. I love how you put the Jonas Brothers in there alot. Keep up the good work.

you guys roc! - By alex jones


I love how you get the dirt 'bout clebs!

u guys rock yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - By j-14grl4life


thank u guys so much for this mag i buy it every month dont stop making J-14 whooooo!!!!!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!