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Quick Facts:
  • Publisher: Dc Comics
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 462-3624
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 8446
  • Sales Rank: 28
  • Website: Mad

Mad Magazine

Founded in 1952, Mad is a humor magazine that has had its dedicated readers laughing for over 50 years. This publication is the leading of its kind in offering satirical content on all aspects of the American public, in areas such as popular culture, entertainment, prominent figures, and politics. You can recognize Mad by its fictional mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, which is most often the central image of the magazine's cover page. Every issue is formatted into several reappearing departments that include hysterical TV and movie parodies, as well as unforgettable freeform-written articles. Now published in color and in over 20 countries, Mad magazine has also extended its brand into different media including stage shows, board games, and television. Graydon Carter, a revered American journalist and author, has described Mad magazine as "ever ready to pounce on the illogical, hypocritical, self-serious and ludicrous."

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Publication Rating

I'm so damn Mad! - By Roy


It started in the 60's when I went to a friend's house after school. His name was Franny and he introduced me to Mad. The magazine twisted my mind and I graduated near the bottom of my class. I owe it all to Mad. I kept asking the question: "What Me Worried?" I was't worried but the school system was. I are what I are from Mad.

Publication Rating

Madder than Ever - By Frickeepoo


I've been a MAD fan since the days when Albert B. Feldstein was ed. He blazed a trail that the guys who produce the mag still follow. And I swear it's funnier than ever now.

Publication Rating

MAD Reviews - By originalMADreader


The guy who writes the reviews should write the rest of the magazine.

Publication Rating

Yeah, OK! - By The Opinionated Boomer


Thanks to MAD Magazine, I'm proud to say that it has helped me to become the man I am today. I'm always smiling for no apparent reason. I am able to see the humorous side of many of life's absurdities. And I have a strong appreciation of how important laughter is for a happy, well balanced life. A few times over the years, people have kidded me by saying that "you're always so upbeat, do you belong to a cult?" I do -- its called MAD Magazine. Over the years, MAD's amazingly talented, and hilarious group of writer's and artists have not only made me laugh, they have also taught me to see things in a different way -- with a sense of humor. With all the problems in the world today, laughter is the greatest therapy. Long-live MAD Magazine.

Publication Rating

Mad, Madder and Madest! - By MadDanMan


I am very upset that my favorite magazine of all-time has gone from 12 issues/year down to Quaterly! I suspect Mad Magazine is finding it harder and harder to come up with content because the WHOLE DAMN WORLD has gone Mad!! Oh well, I will be VERY HAPPY, when my Quarterly issue is announced! I hope this magazine lasts till the end of time!! MadDanMan or is it MadManDan, I think the latter sounds better, but...