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Cookies from a piecrust - By Marie


Dear Martha, I made a blueberry pie today using your Nov. 2012 pie crust for the marionberry recipe. Since I had leftover pie crust, I decided to roll the remainder dough in raw sugar several times until it was completed inbedded, and cut cookies and placing an almond in the center. The cookies came out beautiful and so delicious. Who would ever thought that cookies can be made out of pie crust and no need to use eggs and all that other stuff. Just wanted to let you know and I think, I might even try to grind some anise seeds and try it on another batch. Thanks for all you do and Happy Mothers' Day. Marie Galego

In Praise of Your April Issue of Living - By Marnie


What a really beautiful magazine for April - so springy and the cover is stunning. I couldn't wait to begin reading through. All the Easter decorations that even little fingers can manage is just what I was hoping to find inside the cover. It has really go my juices going and I may have to run outside and start shoveling the last of winter away and start looking for little green sprouts in the flower beds. Thanks so much, Martha Stewart Living!

Martha Stewart Living - By Jackie


I keep very few magazines and this magazine is not one that I find easy to get rid of. The substance in this magazine is amazing. So many magazines simply present ideas and replicating them is up to you. "Living" provides every detail a reader needs to accomplish these ideas at home. Definitely worth the price.

Not well organized - who would think? - By Jen


Dear Martha, Love, Love, Love the magazine - so many great ideas recipes, crafts, gardening etc.... In fact, I like to organize & archive my favorite ideas, articles, recipes into 3 ring binders so that I have a great method of taking action on all of these fabulous ideas. The only problem is, (And I know Martha, you will understand this well) the recipes & projects & their coordinating pictures & how to's are mixed throughout, so it is difficult to capture the essence of a single topic on each page, making it a complete headache to attempt to keep and continue to make good use of the magazine. I love the recipes w/ the pic on the same pages, & would love to see the magazine more consistent in the way it is organized. Jen, Chicago, IL

Martha Stewart Living's #1 Fan - By Monica White


What can I say? I love all things Martha Stewart! The woman truly gets it. She is to be highly commended and continually awarded for having the brillance, insight and vision of knowing exactly what appeals to her loyal readers and consumers. Martha Stewart gives so many homemakers/entertainers something to strive for. She makes us all want to push ourselves even further in our ongoing pursuit of achieving top quality. I truly admire and appreciate how hard she works and all that she imparts to others. She is a true visionary!

Compliant with Martha Stewart Perfection - By K. Christianson


Has Martha Stewart ever failed her loyal following? The quality of content and material offered in Martha Stewart Living is compliant with the rest of her empire's products. The lifestyle tips and techniques offered in this great publication simplify your efforts to beautify your home and enhance your family's happiness. I swear by Martha Stewart's collection of magazines, and this one will not disappoint! It is especially great for seasonal changes, as this magazine puts a lot of attention to detail in what is pertinent to its readers at every specific time of the year - such as summer issues and holiday issues. I highly recommend a subscription for yourself or buy one as a perfect gift for a friend or family member - this site even offers personalized gift cards for every kind of recipient and occasion!

Perfection - By Davlyn


What more can I say about this magazine than PERFECTION with every single issue! Sure, we expect nothing less from Martha Stewart... but to continue to delivery issues jam-packed with innovative ideas, interesting articles and beautiful photos is a rare and venerable feat. The day I get the month's new issue is always a delightful one. I can't wait to see what new things, from crafts to recipes, that I can try out for myself and show off to friends and family. I can't think of a single criticism of this magazine. Plus it always comes delivered right on time! Perfection!

Best lifestyle magazine - By Andrew


Martha Stewart Living magazine is the finest in its field. It has been, and will continue to be, a trend-setter. It is filled with information about cooking, gardening, crafting, ideas for kids and decorating. The information is thoroughly researched and the recipes only call for the best ingredients, but can be made rather quickly. The recipes are more higher-end than those in most cooking magazines. The information is all beautifully presented thorugh wonderful design and photography. It is not 'ABOUT' Martha Stewart at all, merely guided by her tastes. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the home and garden genre.

Christmas 2007 - By birdie girl


As I read through my 2007 Living I noticed that on page 205 your display shows a darling little girl napping, and she is covered up with a beautiful, white knitted blanket. Is there any chance you could provide me with the knitting instrucions for this blanket. It looks like it would be something I could accomplish with my limited knitting skills. Now that I am retired from teaching I have time to explore my domestic hobbies and watch your daily program. I have always been a fan of yours, and I truly enjoy all of the wonderful ideas and inspiration that you provide. I venture to NYC every couple of years (I even took my sixgrade class one year)and attending your show will be first on my agenda the next visit I make. Sincerely, birdie girl from Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula

Gorgeous and Informative - By Rexanne


No matter what you think of Martha Stewart personally, her magazine is a class act. Not only will you find excellent and unusual tips and ideas for all aspects of your home but recipes that are either challenging enough for a pro or easy enough for a beginner cook and always delicious. Her holiday tips and ideas are unbeatable and every month, the cover is so gorgeous, it's the perfect "coffee table magazine. A good one to give as a gift subscription!

An inspiration in every issue - By Amapola


I am a very busy mother of three boys. Most of my reading the last 5 years has been about how to get my baby to sleep through the night and how to potty train. Before my first child was born, I was subscribed to Martha Stewart Living every year. Once I became a mother I took a short break, but then one Christmas I found my subscription to Martha Stewart Living in my stocking. I was thrilled since it included the current issue. That was when I found that even for a busy mom like me, Martha and staff's beautiful projects and inspiring ideas were the best way to take a break from my busy life. I realized that it was as important to read about my children as it was to read about the things that inspire me and make me a happier person and for that a happier mom. I admire all Martha and staff hard work in keeping the magazine up to date with what is in, but at the same time, keeping up with what is classic and of good taste. My favorite thing to do is to get out all my old issues of Martha Stewart Living every season or every Holiday and search for ideas. I always find "good things" in the old issues or in the current ones.

Just The Best! - By Tara K


This magazine is overflowing with great tips and ideas for the home. Martha's generally simple directions make you want to try a new project or cook a new meal and then go out and tackle your garden! The photography is exquisite, and every picture makes the reader long to be more like to do it all. It's extremely inspiring, even if some of the projects are a little out of reach for the average person. Every issue I learn something new..I wouldn't give up this magazine for anything!