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Other Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Reviews

One year and still in mourning... - By Grammy Sugar


I still miss Home Companion magazine very much. There is nothing on the shelves that compares. Won't you please reconsider and bring it back???

Say It Ain't So! - By MyDoxies


This was my most favourite magazine! I live in a small town, far from the big city, and I just thought that my drugstore wasn't getting it anymore! I don't buy many magazines and now what am I going to do?

Going away is sad and forever is even worse - By Luna


My daughter Zoed and i will miss it too much.I will never forget the happy moments and whimsy ideas it brought to my stressed out way of life, it was another world for me.Thank you for all the wonderfull happy thoughts.

What a loss! - By David From NC


I am so disappointed that Home Companion has ceased publication. It was truly one of the best magazines that featured artists and illustrators and the creative environments they live and work in. Rich with inspiring ideas and positive thoughts and energy, Home Companion was more than just another decorating magazine. How sad such a great magazine must come to a close.