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Men's Journal Magazine

If you're an active guy who works hard, plays hard, stays in shape and rewards himself with great toys and trips, this magazine is your ideal playtime resource. Geared toward the modern, adventurous man who's into health, fitness, sports and travel, Men's Journal will appeal to those who enjoy their leisure time and want to get the most out of it.

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This magazine covers areas that you wouldn't expect , It educates you as well . Life is not only about the fine things but of reality and how things happens. I'am new to mens journal and I never expected it to be so much of my intrest, I think the journalist and others who took part in this magazine did a great job.

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Qoute of the year - By Capt. Bligh in Rhode Island


Steve Nash's comment "celebrity is to keep boring people from their nothingness" is awsome. It goes right along with another saying I found online one day "Great people discuss ideas, average people discuss events, ignorant people discuss people." How about profiling the everyday hard working guy next door. He may not be trying to lead an NBA team to a Championship, but I bet he's got an interesting story to tell. Thanks for writing such a great magazine.