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Metropolitan Home

Metropolitan Home magazine focuses on using home furnishings and interior design to enhance your quality and enjoyment of life in the big city. Sophisticated and stylish urbanites will be greatly inspired by this magazine's tips and ideas on how to maximize quality, grace, and practicality in a small space. Every issue is saturated with brightly colored and detailed photography of both individual pieces and pictures of entire rooms and homes. Metropolitan Home is also well-known for its keen eye in mixing unique antiques and modernist influences. With features such as "High/Low," all readers are able to create their ideal home at every price. Discover the joys that come from living beautifully and well with Metropolitan Home magazine.

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Metropolitan Home Review - By Deb


Metropolitan Home is the ultimate guide to chic and contemporary interior design and decorating for your home. I have been a subscriber for nearly five years now, and have never been disappointed in the content of this magazine. I originally bought Metropolitan Home when I was looking to redecorate my apartment. I absolutely love the unique pieces that are featured in every issue! This magazine never fails to present its readers with the latest design trends, color schemes, and more. However, I was compelled to rate Metropolitan Home with four stars instead of the possible five. This is because all of the homes featured in this magazine are high-end, and I think it would be nice to see the average American's home in every few issues or so.

Publication Rating

Simple yet elegant - By Haley


Metropolitan Home has taught me that you don't have to just exist in your own home. As my personal style guide for home decor, each issue inspires me to live beautifully. I rely on the great comparitive articles to show me how to achieve maximum style while spending less money. With this magazine, it's all about the details. Metropolitan Home has helped me to realize that, and focus on the little things that can be changed that truly transform a room. Or, the small things that can be left out that cut down on costs. This magazine offers simple solutions to elegance that is functional, reasonable and attainable for anyone, anywhere. On top of its impeccable taste and wisdom, this design magazine is also well-rounded, which adds to its allure. While its central focus is home design, Metropolitan Home also covers travel, fashion and food! I highly recommend this magazine as it has been a staple in my home for years. Whenever I have first-time visitors at my home, I always get compliments on ideas that I have gotten directly from this magazine! Most recently, a neighboors actually asked me if I was working as an interior decorator! While I was flattered, I must say I owe it to Metropolitan Home.