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Mopar Enthusiast

Mopar Enthusiast is the automobile enthusiast's essential guide to all things related to the Chrysler Corporation. With vivid photography and detailed articles, every issue is a celebration of the rich heritage of cars and trucks built by Chrysler. Mopar Enthusiast features must-read accessory guides that show you the must-have parts to make your ride look cool. Read up on tech articles written by the experts, and get the first look at the latest, most exclusive rides. You'll find must-read special features on the best cruisers, handlers, killers and more. With articles like "Paint Your Engine Forever," Mopar Enthusiast is the secret weapon for any passionate car and truck enthusiast. The magazine includes detailed, instructional pieces like how to install motors as well as low-cost ways to make the most of your vehicle. Coverage includes reports from Indy races and tours as well as premier events happening throughout the United States. With reviews of dealerships and shops throughout the country, Mopar Enthusiast is a must-read publication for the ultimate automobile enthusiast.

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