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I want "MORE" - By Linda Pruner


Your magazine came as a gift to me a few years back and I have enjoyed every issue since then. The July/ August 2013 is the best I remember reading. All articles are well expressed and precise. The fashions are shown well. When I read this issue I didn't want to get to the last page. As the name says, I wanted "MORE". Meredith, a great job!

more for over 70 - By annie


I like this magazine and have used a lot of the hints. However, I am 74 and love beautiful clothes, good makeup, and wonderful scents, but you stop at 40, 50, 60. Please, there are a lot of beautiful women 70, 80, and even 90. Remember to include us. Hints for 40 something is not always for 70 something. Thanks for a good magazine.

More Love - By sandy


I have been a fan since More's first issue--it covers everything pertinent to my world with tons of information that is fun to read! Three years ago, I gave a friend a subscription and that's all she wants for Christmas each year...this year my sister will be receiving one so she can quit taking mine!! Keep up the good work.

A magazine with class - By sealvermd


I have been reading More magazine for a number of years now and truly love it! In this digital age, I for one love a balanced world and life. I want to pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and find a comfy chair or ground to sit a read, not be stuck in front of a computer! Keep up the great coverage of many topics for thinking women.

A key Substance element...missing? - By Mara Purl


Style and Substance . . . and MORE of it. Fabulous! Love the concept, and mostly, love the magazine. But . . . something's missing. Where are the book reviews? Don't the publishers want women to READ their magazine? Do they imagine their readers don't READ books? Obviously they do . . . so . . . how about creating a MORE substantial book review section than anyone else else, and doing it with style?

Making it all MORE easier. - By Mindy


I've subscribed to MORE Magazine for as many years as it has been in print. There are so many things about getting older that freak me out. The articles that appear in the magazine take the edge off. It also feels good to know that we too, the baby boomers, can go to a place where it's safe and caters to our age range.

Over 70 - By Memom


I, too, love your magazine! And also, would like to see MORE articles for us grandmoms who are still stylish at 60, 70 and beyond for fashions, at home, makeup tips, cooking for 2, entertaining, etc. Babyboomers are getting older, and there is definitely a market for this age group! Thanks for listening.

older women - By christie200


I love MORE. I feel, however, that More falls short on the original idea that gave birth to the magazine: older women. Older women does not mean those only in their 40's, which you seem to focus on. There are tons of us out there who are in their 60's, 70, 80's and beyond! I would like to see More feature more of these age groups. It's no big accomplishment to look good in your 40's nowadays. A good looking, healthy 60 or 70+ woman IS something to celebrate. I cannnot, for the life of me, figure out why you virtually ignore these age groups. I want to see women like Sofia Loren, Raquel Welch, Catherine Deneuve, Katherine Ross, Jaqueline Bisset...women who have stood the test of time. Your magazine is great and could be even greater if it featured women from every age group...and yes, I do mean women in their 90's as well. I'm sure there are many active 90 year old women who can alleviate our angst at reaching that age and impart a great deal of wisdom. MORE should celebrate women from ALL age groups! The older they are, in fact, the more (MORE!) they have to offer! Anyhow, I'm a subscriber to MORE and eagerly look forward to my issues. By the way, I just turned 60 and have never been happier!

Finally one for us! - By Elizabeth's 40's


Thanks for this great magazine for women 40+. I haven't read a women's magazine in years, because there was nothing for a gal over 35 (I'm so over "How to Please a Man!" type articles.) I really appreciate the health related information and what to expect as I age. I also like the age appropriate fashion, make-up and hair advice. And, it's nice to see and read about beautiful, smart women in my age group. Thanks! Lovin life at 41.

60 PLUS WOMEN - By Auntie Jane


I'm 71, I love your magazine. Is there anything for us older gal. We are still Vital.

Older Women - By Luc


Just discovered MORE magazine. Think it is fabulous. Only thing missing is "More" articles and info for women 60 - 70. We are still a part of the female population. We are also still vibrant though older. Wonderful publication

over 50 crowd? - By kito


I'd like to see more articles on over age 55 women: health, jobs, etc. There is very little that pertains to this older more experienced group of women and more realistic product suggestions for beauty, in a reasonable price range. I'm considered middle income and there is no way i'd be able to pay those high prices that executives can afford. Thanks for listening.

Women over 60 - By Cindy


I canceled my subscription because this magazine does not address anyone over 55. In today's world, women are livng into their 90s. We 60+ are still alive and have a lot of purchasing power. How about something for us?

sexy in the 60's - By hot chicks


Love the magazine, but not enough models or articles on ladies over 60! I'm told I look like I'm in my forties. My friend and I look pretty good for our ages. What about a new additional magazine??? Forty Plus???

Carlotta Litten - By aztxinaz


Wonderful magazine. How about MORE on women who are 60 or 70 or more? Problems they face: health, death, going back to work and finding peace and fulfillment in 60-80 years of life?

Hungry for More - By Mozita


As soon as I receive "More" I find that I cannot put it down. I want to read every page, look at every design (even the layout of the pages), plus see who has written the articles. It is great to read about real people with real fashion ideas and changes that I have or yet will go through. Nothing has ever captivated me as much except for "Gone With The Wind", that I read as a teenager. Now as someone over 50, I can get slightly irritated if someone or something interrupts me from reading More. So I guess you can say that my appetite grows with each new issue. As for trying to lose weight, I am so glad that as hungry as I can get that no pounds are gained on my hips with More. Instead I gain knowledge, laughter and a lot of More joy for my heart, brain and soul!

Eathetitian/Anti-Aging Nutrition Consultant - By nina Clarisa


I'm very please to write a review for magazine more. Every time I read your magazine it gives me some kind of a emotional lift and encouragement of how to improve myself to look my best and advise other women to do the same. I believe women should take proper effort to maintain themselfs looking their best, just like a car needs regular tune ups, change of oil for the car to oporate properly, our bodies also needs tune ups not just to look good but to function with optimal results and to live longer. Recently I heard that there are some questions and complains about magazine more, well, all I have to say is that the complains are coming from jelous women that never took care of their bodies and they see other women that they did their homework maintaning their bodies youthful, that is when the problem comes and the problem is insecurity and jelaousy. The reality is that is nothing wrong in looking good and youthful. THANK YOU MAGAZINE MORE FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION TO ALL WOMEN, KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!

Eathetician/Anti-Aging Nutrition Consultant - By nina


I have been always been impressed with More magazine, I think is a great inspiration to all women including women under 40. It really encourages women take a second look of themselves to try harder to take care and maintain their bodies with more effort. The September magazine is a perfect example of ANTI-AGING, showing that is possible to slown down the aging process.

New Layout of magazine - By judy


I have been enjoying your magazine for years and really appreciate the fact that it is geared to women over 40. I am disappointed in the new layout however. I am 68 years old and as one ages it becomes increasingly more difficult to read smaller print. Your new layout is not unreadable but it is definitely more difficult and that take a lot of the enjoyment out of reading it for me. I think you should give this some consideration since that is the audience you are gearing your magazine toward. It seems that everything that is published these days is done so in smaller print and that is frustrating. People my age are more likely to read a printed page than something on the computer screen and that should be considered when printing materials these days. Thanks for listening to my complaint.

Fitter at 60! - By Meredith


What a wonderful magazine for women! I always look forward to the recipes that are accompanied by such stunning photos. This month's feature on writer Ann Hood was spectacular. I actually made the polenta and the gnocchi in tomato sauce, and I think it is one of my favorite dishes to date. However, I gave More 4 out of 5 stars because I think as a lot of women have expressed, this magazine needs to make sure to include us older ladies! The "Body and Mind" section is great and always inspires me to work out or go for a walk no matter how tired or lazy I feel. But the articles often refer to 40 as the maximum. Why not "Fitter at 60"? Other than that, this is my favorite magazine that keeps all aspects on my life in check. Thank you More!

Magazine for 60 and Over - By Penny


I have been a very satisfied subscriber since More began. Let's hear it for the ladies who refuse to take it easy and prefer to keep involved with the world!

60 Plus Model Search - By bambi


I applaud the input for 60 Plus being part of MORE! Not only articles but what about a MODEL SEARCH FOR 60 PLUS? The thrill of living a dream and the possible opportunity of fulfilling it would be incredible! Your Model Search several years ago only included UP TO 60. Any consideration given would put MORE wayyyyyyyy over the top!

The big 50 - By JoAnne


In one of your past articles you interviewed several women turning 50. I was so inspired by what they were doing for "THEMSELVES" for their birthday. Last year for my 49th I told my husband that either he was going to get fit for a new Harley or I was. We decided he would since we couldn't afford 2 bikes. When we first meet we loved riding motorcyle together and now were going to start again. Brings a whole new meaning to the word Happily Married. I love everything about the More magazine and when I turn 60 I hope you have a magazine that focuses on that age catagory also.

Magazine for over 60 - By Over 60


I couldn't agree more. We do need a magazine for over 60. We ain't dead yet!

Need More Plus - By Louise


More is good, but we need a magazone for over 60's! There's a big space between the 40s and the 60s, just like between the 20s and the 40s, so we need something geared for the intelligent, fairly healthy, active 60 and over, who wants to look good, feel good, and go BEYOND what is interesting to younger woman. We are always growing and changing and need a magazine to reflect this. I realize MORE covers up to 60, or further, but something exclusively for the older age group is needed.