We're sorry, but More is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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More Magazine

Every issue of More magazine celebrates women of style and substance. More addresses real issues on family, relationships, health, financial security, and fashion & style. On each page you’ll meet inspiring women who have stared down life’s challenges, come out ahead, and now want to share with you their secrets for success.

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Publication Rating

I want "MORE" - By Linda Pruner


Your magazine came as a gift to me a few years back and I have enjoyed every issue since then. The July/ August 2013 is the best I remember reading. All articles are well expressed and precise. The fashions are shown well. When I read this issue I didn't want to get to the last page. As the name says, I wanted "MORE". Meredith, a great job!

Publication Rating

more for over 70 - By annie


I like this magazine and have used a lot of the hints. However, I am 74 and love beautiful clothes, good makeup, and wonderful scents, but you stop at 40, 50, 60. Please, there are a lot of beautiful women 70, 80, and even 90. Remember to include us. Hints for 40 something is not always for 70 something. Thanks for a good magazine.

Publication Rating

More Love - By sandy


I have been a fan since More's first issue--it covers everything pertinent to my world with tons of information that is fun to read! Three years ago, I gave a friend a subscription and that's all she wants for Christmas each year...this year my sister will be receiving one so she can quit taking mine!! Keep up the good work.

Publication Rating

A magazine with class - By sealvermd


I have been reading More magazine for a number of years now and truly love it! In this digital age, I for one love a balanced world and life. I want to pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and find a comfy chair or ground to sit a read, not be stuck in front of a computer! Keep up the great coverage of many topics for thinking women.

Publication Rating

A key Substance element...missing? - By Mara Purl


Style and Substance . . . and MORE of it. Fabulous! Love the concept, and mostly, love the magazine. But . . . something's missing. Where are the book reviews? Don't the publishers want women to READ their magazine? Do they imagine their readers don't READ books? Obviously they do . . . so . . . how about creating a MORE substantial book review section than anyone else else, and doing it with style?