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Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News is a bimonthly magazine that was founded on a barely-there budget in 1970, by a couple who was determined to send their message to the country. In the 100+ page issues of this American publication, the ever-growing number of environmental problems is addressed. And more importantly, Mother Earth News discusses the most effective and realistic ways to approach these concerns in a down-to-earth and practical manner. The content of this magazine is dedicated to inspiring a movement for a greener, more sustainable atmosphere. Mother Earth News is a lifestyle magazine that gives readers tips and information on subjects such as home improvement, organic gardening, family farms, natural cooking, and how to do more with less. This publication has been and continues to be a leader in the promotion of life-altering behaviors and practices such as renewable energy, recycling, agricultural practices, self-sufficient medical care, and outdoor recreation. Better yourself, your family, and the earth with Mother Earth News.

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Publication Rating

Mother Earth News - By Jan


This entire magazine is very, very great!

Publication Rating

Mother Earth News - By Kaye


My two daughters and I subscribed to the Mother Earth News and we just love it. Always features a lot of information! Thanks. -Kaye, Amy and Allison

Publication Rating

mother earth magazine - By Doris


I have been taking the magazine for going on 2 years. I just love the magazine. There are great ideas and I love to see things other people do and try - wonderful magazine.

Publication Rating

Fresh Baked Bread - By Robert


Hats off to Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois, the recipe published in the December issue is wonderful. I have always wanted to make this type of bread and have tried many recipes but; this is care free and easy and less than 5 minuets a day. Thank you Robert from Montville CT.

Publication Rating

Mother Earth News is a must-have mag! - By Clara Beez


Mother Earth News magazine is amazing, and its content is unlike any other under its category of publications! Mother (as its dedicated readers refer to it as) is made for people who are interested in living a self-reliant and self-sufficient life. As a native resident of California, articles such as "Rainwater Harvesting" are relevant and important, as I promise there are articles and topics that will be to you! I gave Mother Earth News five stars --- definitely subscribe!