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National Examiner

Features stories about everything from the stars to personal human-interest stories. Also features what the stars are wearing, local buzz, and a weekly crossword puzzle.

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Publication Rating

Tony you are awesome. - By Cat Woman


I have been a devoted reader for over 20 years.You have helped me and prayed for me and I really appreciate it.

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best mag on the stand - By desert rose


I have been a faithful reader of National Examiner for YEARS! Where else can you be entertained, informed, get in touch with DEAR TONY, get your horoscope, and get great puzzles! And you even free stuff, all for one low price!

Publication Rating

love yah tony. - By chomper50


I love the dear tony page in your magazine.I buy the magazine every week to see what tony says to everyday people.I like the tony on target section too.Tony doesnt sugar coat anything.He tells it like it is,he's real.

Publication Rating

Lover of The Natinal Examiner & Dear Tony! - By Gramma Pat


Thankyou for your magazine! I buy it every week because of Dear Tony Leggett. He is a GOD given gift for HOPE !

Publication Rating

Never get rid of Tony! - By Lisa


PLEASE! Never get rid of Tony Leggit! He is a friend to thousands of us with his accurate predictions and guidance, he is a HERO! Give the man a raise and keep on letting him guide us all! Thank you! Lisa, Redondo Beach, CA