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The Nation
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The Nation The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine, serving as a critical, independent voice in American journalism and a platform for investigative reporting and spirited debate on issues of import to the progressive community. Through changing times... Read More
The Weekly Standard
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The Weekly Standard The Weekly Standard is the nation's foremost conservative magazine for news and opinion. The journal is well-known for the critical thinking, rigorous thought, challenging ideas, well-thought-out opinions and compelling solutions it presents to... Read More
The American Prospect
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The American Prospect The American Prospect is a magazine of issues and ideas, news and views summed up as “liberal intelligence”. The American Prospect aims to advance liberal and progressive goals through reporting, analysis, and debate about today’s realities... Read More
National Review
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National Review

Founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., National Review has been the primary source of information for the American Conservative since 1955. This biweekly publication provides respected and valuable reporting and opinion on politics, the economy, and general... Read More

Editor & Publisher
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Editor & Publisher

Editor & Publisher is the authoritative journal covering all aspects of the newspaper industry, including business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology, online and syndicates. Read up on well-researched stories and profiles of... Read More

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